Rocket Race Returns!

Ten years ago we produced our first card game – Rocket Race! Next Tuesday (4th April) Triple Ace Games is launching Widgets & Gizmos, a 36-card expansion for Rocket Race on Gamefound.

Click here to view our Gamefound preview page!

Widgets & Gizmos contains new Capsule, Propulsion, Steering, Accessory, Workshop, Event, and Leagues cards. You can replace some of the core cards with those in this expansion, add just a few of the new cards, or add the entire expansion deck – the choice is yours!

 The Widgets & Gizmos campaign will run until Wednesday 12th April and will not be available in retail stores.

 If you're coming to UK Games Expo (2nd-4th June) then you can arrange to pick up your copy at the show from the TAG booth.

Already got Rocket Race? That's cool - just pledge for the Widgets & Gizmos expansion. If you don't have Rocket Race then you can pledge for both the core game and the expansion in one go. Easy!

Click here to view our Gamefound preview page!