British Starter Pack

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In this starter pack you will find everything you require to begin playing Ironclads with British ships!

Command mighty fleets and take the battle to your foe in this exciting ship-vs-ship wargame set in a steampunk Victorian solar system. Great Britain was the first nation to reach the stars by landing on the moon. These early aether ships were primitive in design, but Britian soon led the world in building strong ironclads. As well as formidable warships, its aethernauts are feared for their accurate gunnery skills. Known for steaming headlong towards their targets and unloading a full broadside, the British are ferocious fighters. Ironclads encourages players to construct mighty fleets.

The rules allow players to fully customize ironclads and attach new and unique weapons. Using a clever magnetic system, ironclad armaments can be quickly changed, allowing for experimentation in ship design. This system, mixed with the ability to upgrade steering, propulsion, and hull strength, gives players many custom options.


x1 Fleet Manual

Game Tokens
x4 Flight Templates
x1 Measuring Token
x8 Command Tokens
x4 Wreckage Markers
x4 Hulk Tokens
x6 Ship Name Tags
x1 Asteroid

x1 Cruiser
x1 Destroyer
x2 Gunboats
x7 Armaments
x2 Small Flight Stands
x2 Medium Flight Stands
x4 Ship Cards
x8 Officer Cards
x6 Hull Dice
x5 Attack Dice
x14 Mini Magnets

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