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Exploriana is a tense and exciting push your luck game for 2 to 5 players. It is easy to learn but difficult to master. Exploriana is a game for all the family, as much fun for young gamers as it is for the more experienced.

Set in the late 1900’s, Exploriana is a game of exploration and discovery. You will send a team of explorers out into the world and guide them as they plunge deep into steamy jungles, trek across vast savannah and ascend towering peaks, courting danger at every turn to discover the wonders of far off lands!

Exploriana is a big game in a small box and includes 7 fun mini-expansions, each one will add a new element to your games.

There are 6 card sets for some extra fun and shenanigans, as well as a custom die so you can randomly pick which card sets to add into a game. Of course, you can always pick your favourites.

There is also a set of alternative lost explorer tokens (lost leader tokens). Once rescued these special lost leader tokens can lend your explorers a little extra help when needed.

With a mix of these little gems added, each game will be different.

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