German Prometheus-class Corvette

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The Prometheus-class marked Germany’s first dalliance with torpedoes. Constructed by Baumweisser Shipyards, the vessel was one of the largest warships of its time, although these days it is classed as only slightly larger than the tiny gunboat. The ship boasted several new components at the time, making it a revolutionary design—the Wechler Mk III Drive, which propelled the warship to, at the time, unimaginable speeds, and the Baden-Wolf steering mechanism, which soon became a standard feature on many most German vessels.  Equipped with fixed torpedo tubes captains of this type of ironclad needed to be experts in positioning their ship to gain a clean firing arc on their targets!

Contains one miniature and one Flight Stand. The model contains two fixed weapons.

Limited Models. A German fleet using the Prometheus-class may only have two cruisers or a single battleship in the Fleet.

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