Guide to Hags

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Hellish dark powers and unnatural visions make these twisted sisters the dread masters of the arcane arts.

Fair is foul and foul is fair as the unholy truth about these profane and malevolent sisters is finally revealed in the Leagues’ final monster guide.

No more are hags to be regarded as creatures of nightmares, consigned to myth and legend and used to terrorize frightened children. The truth is vastly different, for they epitomize evil, and are ever-hungry for the flesh of young babes.

Contents include the supernatural past of hags; a list of dark pacts the Gamemaster can use to create their own fearsome foes; a new occult League devoted to combating hags; a sinister collection of crones; and descriptions of notable twisted sisters.

Leagues of Gothic Horror is a Horror Roleplaying game from Triple Ace Games.

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