Ironclads Admirals Handbook Softback

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Ironclads Admirals Handbook softback & FREE PDF

It is 1890 and the nations of the world have made wondrous strides in technology.

The Great Powers are forging new ambitions, heading into the aether with their fleets of mighty aether ships known as ironclads. Conflict is never far away and battles are commonplace among the stars.

Admiral, are you ready to face the enemy and defend your nation’s interests?

Within this rulebook you’ll:

  • Read the history of the Ironclads timeline.
  • Find quick start rules that help you get into combat straightaway.
  • Discover advice on 3D printing your own miniatures.
  • Master the simple but elegant game rules.
  • Learn to master different tactics.
  • Build and arm your own unique ironclads.

The Ironclads Admirals Handbook requires Ironclad miniatures to play.

Format: Softback Colour

Page Count: 96pp

Authors: Robin Elliott, Paul Wiggy Wade Williams, David J. Mortimer

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