Ironclads Digital American Faction Pack

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The day after his inauguration, President Jeffrey Tower, announced to the Senate, Congress, and the American people at large that America would no longer be without overseas territory. No longer would it be denied its God-appointed Manifest Destiny. The other worlds, none of which were populated and thus could not be claimed, were now ripe for colonization. The American people rejoiced.

The Ironclads Digital Edition: American Fleet Pack contains all the digital files to begin playing the American Aether Navy. Within this digital pack you will find the following files:

  • Ironclads Admirals Handbook PDF (Game Rules)
  • American Aether Navy Fleet Manual PDF (Faction Rules)
  • American Standard Gunboat Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • American Standard Destroyer Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • American Standard Cruiser Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • American Standard Battleship Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • American Armaments Pack - Amplified Light Sword, Freeze Ray, Gravity Gun, Lightning Cannon (Supported & Unsupported STL files)
  • American Area Command Token set (Supported & Unsupported STL files)
  • Generic Armaments Pack - Light Cannon, Light Sword, Torpedo, Turret Gun, Chainsaw, Circular Saw, Grabbing Claw, Marine Armory, Mining Drill (Supported & Unsupported STL files)
  • Flight Stands - Small, Medium and Large (STL files)
  • Close & Short range measures (STL file)
  • Hulk Token (STL file)
  • Ironclads Movement Template (STL file)

Please Note: This is a digital product no physical product is shipped. A resin 3D printer is required.

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