Ironclads Digital British Faction Pack

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From a small island nation, Great Britain expanded her influence to create the largest empire ever known. Arguably, part of that success was down to the Royal Navy, whose warships allowed her to secure the seas. It has now expanded its influence to the inner Solar System. Not yet the supreme power in the aether Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria, demands, Great Britain is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with.

The Ironclads Digital Edition: British Fleet Pack contains all the digital files to begin playing the British Aether Navy. Within this digital pack you will find the following files:

  • Ironclads Admirals Handbook PDF (Game Rules)
  • British Aether Navy Fleet Manual PDF (Faction Rules)
  • British Standard Gunboat Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • British Standard Destroyer Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • British Standard Cruiser Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • British Standard Battleship Miniature STL (Supported & Unsupported)
  • British Armaments Pack - Armor Piercing Gun, Mortar, Naval Cannon, Revolving Cannon (Supported & Unsupported STL files)
  • British Area Command Token set (Supported & Unsupported STL files)
  • Generic Armaments Pack - Light Cannon, Light Sword, Torpedo, Turret Gun, Chainsaw, Circular Saw, Grabbing Claw, Marine Armory, Mining Drill (Supported & Unsupported STL files)
  • Flight Stands - Small, Medium and Large (STL files)
  • Close & Short range measures (STL file)
  • Hulk Token (STL file)
  • Ironclads Movement Template (STL file)

Please Note: This is a digital product no physical product is shipped. A resin 3D printer is required.

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