Leagues of Adventure: The Great Campaign

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The Great Game is Afoot!

it’s a time of revolution, a time of exploration & discovery...

The Great Campaign is an epic adventure set over four parts. Our heroic globetrotters travel to Cambridge where they are drawn into a dangerous plot to overthrow the British Government!
As more clues are discovered our heroes uncover an anarchist group, the Commonist League, who believe that new technology will usher in a new and better world. The old order must be destroyed before this new world order can commence!
The globetrotters set off in search of the anarchists’ leader, Nikolai Fyodorov, to try and put a stop to their dastardly plan. The trail leads them to the distant Pamir mountains.
Can the globetrotters stop the Commonists?

In The Great Campaign you will find:

* The Great Campaign Adventure in four parts
* Character Pre-Gens
* Extra Henchman & Followers
* New Gadgets & Gizmos
* New Leagues of Adventure

Leagues of Adventure & The Great Campaign is a Steampunk Victorian Adventure Roleplaying game from Triple Ace Games. The Great Campaign requires Leagues of Adventure to play.

Author: Sarah Newton

Page Count: 172 pages

Format: Full Colour

This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

You can buy the physical book from here.

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