Leagues of Gothic Horror Rulebook

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Light your lamp, check the doors and windows are locked, and prepare to enter a world where the arcane and occult are very real.

For all of mankind’s advances in science, the world remains a realm of mystery and  supernatural occurrences. The Victorian Era is the age of sinister fictional and historical villains, such as Count Dracula, Mr. Hyde, and Jack the Ripper, and an age when interest in the occult reaches new heights.

This major expansion to Leagues of Adventure is one of restless spirits and haunted houses, crumbling castles and Gothic architecture, fog-shrouded streets and deep  forests, decadence and decay, secrets and madness, in which the supernatural defies the rationality of science and cold logic.

Contents include new character options, rules for horror, corruption, fortune-telling, occult grimoires, magic, and mentalism, occult relics, 38 fearsome monsters, 22 diabolical major villains, and 7 sinister cults., Gothic Horror locales around the world. guidelines for running Gothic Horror adventures, adventure seeds, and a timeline and Who’s Who of Gothic Horror.

Leagues of Gothic Horror is a horror roleplaying game from Triple Ace Games and requires the Leagues of Adventure rule book..

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