Legendary Ship - HMAS Dependable

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Britain’s extra-terrestrial empire is difficult to adequately protect. Fleets may be assigned to each world, but they are arranged as long-range patrols, protection for mercantile routes, or are undergoing repairs. In order to provide protection against enemy action, James Huxtable designed a lightweight warship with a powerful main weapon.

The monitor sits between a gunship and destroyer, though it is a poor replacement for either. Its narrow superstructure gives it weak armor, its propulsion and steering are inadequate, and its fuel tanks allow only limited movement (certainly not enough to travel to other worlds). The heavy mortar is fixed in the forward arc—the ironclad’s dimensions do not allow the gun to rotate. Instead of being a main warship, the monitor was intended to sit in orbit above the planet and rain down shells on enemies at extreme ranges. A turret gun was installed as a secondary weapon against enemy gunboats.

Although it goes against the British naval mentality, the monitor was intended to deploy behind asteroids or junkyards—obstacles which provide excellent cover from close-range enemy fire. Using forward observers on the obstacle itself, the heavy mortar can be arrayed at any targets beyond close range without breaking cover.

Fixed: The heavy mortar is fixed and only fires in the front arc. This can never be changed.

Hard to Hit: The monitor’s narrow hull makes it difficult to target. The monitor is hit on attack rolls of 5 and 6, rather than 4, 5, and 6 as normal.

Unique: A British fleet may have only one model of this class.

Contains one miniature, one Flight Stand, one armament, and two neodymium mini-magnets.

Unique Miniature. Only one ironclad with this name can be placed on the tabletop.

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