Richelieu's Guide Compendium One

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You may not like Cardinal Richelieu, but what he has to say might just keep you alive. You can be sure it will add a host of new elements to your All for One game, as well as greatly expand the background on the alternate 17th France.

Contained in this supplement is information on:

•    The Queen’s Musketeers.
•    Wondrous Devices: Unusual devices, new weapons, and Da Vinci machines.
•    Creatures of Sin: A host of diabolical creatures that stalk the night.
•    Nobles & Courtiers: Detailing the nobility of France and the most important court positions.
•    Nautical Adventures: Rules for ships and ship combat.
•    The Church: A brief look at the Catholic Church
•    Radicals: A look at some of the radical groups threatening France
•    Fencing Schools: Expanded information on the core fencing schools, plus exclusive Talents
•    Guidelines for creating non-Musketeer characters, a host of example characters, and dozens of new lackeys
This information previous appeared in the first eight Richelieu Guide supplements.

Richelieu’s Guide Compendium Une requires the All For One Régime Diabolique RPG.

All for One: Régime Diabolique is the award-winning musketeer roleplaying game from Triple Ace Games.

You can buy the physical book from here.

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