Rocket Race Widgets & Gizmos #1

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Almost ten years ago we produced our first card game – Rocket Race!

With the 10-year anniversary coming up, we’ve decided to publish a brand new 36-card expansion for the core game called Widgets & Gizmos #1.

This new expansion brings a whole host of new rocket parts to build into your steampunk rockets! No only that but we've added new events and workshop upgrades, and four new Leagues for the advanced game.

What is Widgets & Gizmos? This is an add-on expansion pack for Rocket Race, the Victorian steampunk rocket building game, where players rush to finish a reliable Rocket and race to the Moon!

In the expansion pack you will find the following:
  • x5 Propulsion systems
  • x5 Capsules
  • x5 Steering systems
  • x5 Accessories
  • x7 Workshop Upgrades
  • x9 Events
  • x4 Leagues
  • Ticking Time Bomb Mini

Widgets & Gizmos contains new Capsule, Propulsion, Steering, Accessory, Workshop, Event, and Leagues cards. You can replace some of the core cards with those in this expansion, add just a few of the new cards, or add the entire expansion deck – the choice is yours!

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