Legendary Ship - SMA Brandenburg

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The British, as arrogant and haughty as ever, promptly declared their new armor piercing gun the greatest ironclad weapon ever invented. The Kaiser, intending to repute their boast, demanded his engineers match the accomplishment with all haste.
While the Germans were unable to replicate the British gun, they did invent a totally new weapon—the panzerknacker (armor breaker).

Mounted along the spine of a battlecruiser, the gun propelled a solid shell that delivered greater speeds and damage potential than even the British dreamed of. It did not have the mobility of its lesser British cousin, but the battlecruiser was equipped with the latest steering mechanisms.

Tests were successful, judging by the number of asteroids destroyed, but the captain believed the ironclad was limited by rivals attacking its flanks and rear. The engineers claimed the battlecruiser should always have an escort or two, but they eventually relented and installed a number of small weapons, each broadside firing only to the side arcs.

Critical: The Panzerknacker scores a Critical Hit on an attack roll of 5 or 6.
Fixed: The Panzerknacker and both Broadsides have fixed firing arcs. These can never be changed.
Unique: A German fleet may only have one model of this class.

Contains one miniature, one Flight Stand.

Unique Miniature. Only one ironclad with this name can be placed on the tabletop.

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