Legendary Ship - USAS Thunderbird

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The American reliance on weird science armaments was heavily debated by the Senate
Oversight Committee on Ironclad Armament over numerous sessions. While the effects of the armaments were never in question, many argued they should invest in ballistic weapons instead of armaments that worked at limited range. The lightning cannon was heralded as the most effective weapon, its beam reaching to long range (though
without much destructive power).

Admiral Samantha Renwick, arguing for the Navy, promised that she could have a more powerful weapon produced in just one year, a weapon whose awesome devastative ability would astound the members of the Committee.

The naysayers were mollified, but many suspected the trials would produce little and cost much. The result was the Lightning-class light cruiser. Its sole armament was an aft-mounted heavy-duty dish; a Tesla array of potent destructive power. Also installed
were two enormous energy coils, each one mounted forward of the dish. Alas, they hampered the dish’s ability to rotate due to needing to be orientated toward the dish, leaving the gun fixed facing forward.
Although the weapon was highly effective, as proven by its introduction to the Navy, it never reached the “awesome devastation” promised by Admiral Renwick and was sidelined in favor other vessels. It is usually launched with at least four Indiana-class
escort destroyers for protection.

Fixed: The heavy Tesla cannon is fixed and only fires in the front arc. This can never be changed.
Unique: An American fleet may have only one model of this class.

Contains one miniature, one Flight Stand and two neodymium mini-magnets.

Unique Miniature. Only one ironclad with this name can be placed on the tabletop.

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