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German A-class Freighter - ID
German Damon-class Destroyer - ID
German Darstellerin-class Liner - ID
German Fluss-class Coast Guard Cutter - ID
German Prometheus-class Corvette - ID
German SMA Brandenburg Battlecruiser - ID
German Von Humboldt-class Science Ship - ID
German Wreckage Marker - ID
Globetrotters Guide to London
Guide to Afghanistan
Guide to Apparitions
Guide to Black Magic
Guide to Cumbria
Guide to Faeries
Guide to Hags
Guide to Lairs
Guide to Mordavia: Land of Horror
Guide to Mummies
Guide to Shapeshifters
Guide to the Ministry of Unusual Affairs
Guide to the Walking Dead
Guide to Vampires
Guide to Wicked Science
Ironclad: Observation Ship - ID

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