We are very proud of all of our games we have designed over the years. Some of our games have been retired. These retired games may come out of retirement in the future and will be removed from the legacy list.

Roleplaying Games

  • Hellfrost
  • Hellfrost: Land of Fire
  • Necropolis 2350
  • Sundered Skies
Roleplaying Adventures
  • Daring Tales of Adventure
  • Daring Tales of Chivalry
  • Daring Tales of the Space Lanes
  • Daring Tales of the Sprawl
War Games
  • G-Men & Gangsters
Card Games
  • Cadaver
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Imps
  • King of Thieves

Many of these products are available at our DriveThruRPG store in both pdf and print on demand format.

For those searching for our previous free downloads we have gathered them together into this helpful zip file. It contains many useful documents for all of our legacy RPG lines. Download here.