Guide to Faeries

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The world of faerie is one of wonder, but beyond that thin veneer is another world ~ one of pain and suffering.

Fairy tales have been recited to amuse and frighten listeners with their wondrous words. Only a few know that those creatures they speak of are not creatures of the imagination, but exist in a world beyond our reality and comprehension.
Finally, the Leagues have produced a guide book to discuss the faeries, creatures that can be malevolent and benevolent in equal measure, and are truly creatures far beyond our understanding.

Contents include details of human interactions with the fey, the unearthly origins of the wee folk; the truth of the fabulous and frightening world of Faerie; a range of powers to help the Gamemaster create new faeries of their own; a large collection of both Seelie and Unseelie; and a number of greater fey with aspirations of their own.

Leagues of Gothic Horror is a Horror Roleplaying game from Triple Ace Games.

You can buy the physical book from here.

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