Letters from the Leagues Volume 3

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Hot from the Leagues!

Collected together for the first time are various articles and discourses from the illustrious members of the Leagues of Adventure, Leagues of Gothic Horror, and Leagues of Cthulhu.

Within these pages you will find:

  • Who Was Imhotep: An interesting delve into the chequered history of legendary figure, Imhotep.
  • More Mummies: We all love our mummies, but do you love these frightening creatures?
  • More Apparitions: A collection of bone tingling ghosts that will haunt any globetrotter!
  • Historical Facts as Lists & Tables: A handy reference guide to historical events during the age of globetrotters.
  • Firearms for the 1890’s: The finest guns fit for any globetrotter!
  • Serial Killers: These dastardly villains can be hiding in plain sight. It’s best to be wary of strangers!
  • Voodoo: We spotlight the dark loa in this brief overview.

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