Loot Markers - ID

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When used in a mission, loot markers indicate trade goods that can be scavenged by either Faction using a grabbing claw.

Barrels (not to scale). Might contain mundane fluids, such as water, beer (probably IPA as it travels better), or wine. They might also be storage vessels for grains or fruits. They might also contain luxury goods, such as Venusian blue artichokes or Martian spike fruit.

Crates (not to scale). They may contain foodstuffs, manufactured goods, or raw resources yet to be manufactured. Alternately, they may contain gems from the Asteroid Belt, processed fuel pellets, or powdered angamite dust. Missions use loot markers and captains of ironclads have orders to pick up useful resources that can be found floating in the aether.

Metal (no to scale). They can represent steel, iron, or lead, or more expensive substances like gold and silver. Again, a mission may require the Factions to salvage goods with a grabbing claw or simply use it as a terrain piece, good for nothing but avoiding or sheltering behind.

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